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DER04: What proportion of observation time is a person exposed to a given drug?

 Parameter  Example  Mandatory  Notes
concept_id 1549080 Yes Estrogens, Conjugated (USP)

Sample query run:
The following is a sample run of the query. The input parameters are highlighted in blue

SELECT decode(o.totalObs, 0, 0, 100*(e.totExposure*1.0/o.totalObs*1.0)) as proportion
SELECT SUM(r.drug_era_end_date - r.drug_era_start_date) AS totExposure, r.person_id
FROM drug_era r
WHERE r.person_id = 101--&pers_id
  AND r.drug_concept_id = 1549080--&ingr_id
group by r.person_id  
) e,
SELECT sum(p.observation_period_end_date - p.observation_period_start_date) AS totalObs, p.person_id
FROM observation_period p
--WHERE p.person_id = 101--&pers_id
group by p.person_id
) o
where o.person_id = e.person_id
Output field list:
 Field  Description
drug_era_id A system-generated unique identifier for each drug era.
person_id A foreign key identifier to the person who is subjected to the drug during the drug era. The demographic details of that person are stored in the person table.
drug_concept_id A foreign key that refers to a standard concept identifier in the vocabulary for the drug concept.
count The number of individual drug exposure occurrences used to construct the drug era.
drug_era_start_date The start date for the drug era constructed from the individual instances of drug exposures. It is the start date of the very first chronologically recorded instance of utilization of a drug.
observation_period_end_date The end date of the observation period for which data are available from the data source.
observation_period_start_date The start date of the observation period for which data are available from the data source.

Sample output record:
 Field  Description