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DEX40: Counts of drugs, stratified by relevant condition

This query is used to count all drugs (drug_concept_id) across all drug exposure records stratified by condition (relevant_condition_concept_id). The input to the query is a value (or a comma-separated list of values) of a drug_concept_id and a relevant_condition_concept_id. If the input is omitted, all existing value combinations are summarized.

 Parameter  Example  Mandatory  Notes
list of drug_concept_id 906805, 1517070, 19010522 Yes
list of relevant_condition_concept_id 26052, 258375 Yes

Sample query run:
The following is a sample run of the query. The input parameters are highlighted in blue

  count(1) as drugs_count,
FROM drug_exposure t
  t.drug_concept_id in (906805, 1517070, 19010522) 
  and t.relevant_condition_concept_id in (26052, 258375)
group by  t.relevant_condition_concept_id, t.drug_concept_id
Output field list:
 Field  Description
drug_concept_id A foreign key that refers to a standard concept identifier in the vocabulary for the drug concept.
relevant_condition_concept_id A foreign key to the predefined concept identifier in the vocabulary reflecting the condition that was the cause for initiation of the procedure. Note that this is not a direct reference to a specific condition record in the condition table, but rather a condition concept in the vocabulary
Count The number of individual drug exposure occurrences used to construct the drug era.

Sample output record:
 Field  Description