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PE09: Number of patients by gender, stratified by year of birth

Count the genders (gender_concept_id) across all person records, arrange into groups by year of birth. All possible values for gender concepts stratified by year of birth are summarized.


Sample query run:
The following is a sample run of the query.
SELECT gender_concept_id,
       c.concept_name AS gender_name,
       COUNT(p.person_id) AS num_persons
FROM person p
INNER JOIN vocabulary.concept c ON p.gender_concept_id = c.concept_id
GROUP BY gender_concept_id, c.concept_name, year_of_birth
ORDER BY concept_name, year_of_birth
Output field list:
 Field  Description
 gender_concept_id  CDM vocabulary concept identifier
 gender_name  Gender name as defined in CDM vocabulary
 year_of_birth  Stratification by year of birth
 num_persons  Number of patients in the dataset of specific gender / year of birth

Sample output record:
 Field  Value
 gender_concept_id  8507
 gender_name  MALE
 year_of_birth  1950
 num_persons  169002