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PE12: Distribution of year of birth

This query is used to to provide summary statistics for the age across all patient records: the mean, the standard deviation, the minimum, the 25th percentile, the median, the 75th percentile, the maximum. No input is required for this query.



Sample query run:
SELECT percentile_25
     , median
     , percentile_75
     , MIN( year_of_birth )    AS minimum
     , MAX( year_of_birth )    AS maximum
     , CAST(AVG( year_of_birth ) AS INTEGER)   AS mean
     , STDDEV( year_of_birth ) AS stddev

(SELECT MAX( CASE WHEN( percentile = 1 ) THEN year_of_birth END ) AS percentile_25
      , MAX( CASE WHEN( percentile = 2 ) THEN year_of_birth END ) AS median
      , MAX( CASE WHEN( percentile = 3 ) THEN year_of_birth END ) AS percentile_75
  FROM -- year of birth / percentile
     ( SELECT year_of_birth, births
            /* The first sum is the sum of all the values from the first year of birth
               to the current year.  The second sum is the total of all the years of birth.  
               The result is a cumulative percent of the total for each year.  You want to 
               capture when the percentage goes from 24 to 25 as percentile_25, from 49 to 50 
               as the median and from 74 to 75 as the percentile_75.  Multiplying by 4 then 
               adding 1 just makes so that instead of looking at percentage, you get the whole 
               number 1 if the percentage is less than 25, 2 when the percentage is between 25 
               and 50, and so on.
            , FLOOR( CAST( SUM( births ) OVER( ORDER BY year_of_birth ROWS UNBOUNDED PRECEDING ) AS DECIMAL )
                   / CAST( SUM( births ) OVER( ORDER BY year_of_birth ROWS BETWEEN UNBOUNDED PRECEDING 
                                                                      AND UNBOUNDED FOLLOWING )  AS DECIMAL ) 
                   * 4 
                   ) + 1 percentile
        FROM -- Year with number of births
           ( SELECT year_of_birth, count(*) AS births
               FROM person
              GROUP BY year_of_birth
    )where percentile <= 3
) percentile_table, person
GROUP BY percentile_25, median, percentile_75
Output field list:
 Field  Description
 percentile_25  25th percentile of year of birth
 median  Median patient year of birth
 percentile_75  75th percentile of year of birth
 minimum  Minimum year of birth 
 maximum  Maximum year of birth
 mean  Mean patient year of birth
 stddev  Standard deviation of year of birth

Sample output record:
 Field  Value
 percentile_25  1954
 median  1965
 percentile_75  1979
 minimum  1893 
 maximum  2010 
 mean  1968 
 stddev  17.277